Finally it’s here! The first Rock Twice video

is available on YouTube for all our fans!

To our album opener "Hellfire", Gina and her

boys ignite a real hellfire, which definitely

makes every hell demon's heart beat faster.

This is by no means a low flame, and it's best

if you dive into the "Hellfire" Rock Inferno yourself .

Rock Twice is happy about your support and thanks you in advance for sharing this post, so don't think twice, get on fire with Rock Twice!

Soon a title of our CD will be released on a sampler in the UK. Initiator is Nicky Baldrian, a well-known English music journalist of the rock magazine "Fireworks".

“Very impressive album (...) I found the music catchy, energetic, bluesy and groove based, melodic, and diverse with a classic organic rock vibe, lots of character within the song structures, the musicianship is thrilling (...) Good solid vibe, great production, excellent songwriting, and fabulous vocals throughout, and you can feel the energy and soundwaves through the speakers, very good album.“ (Nicky Baldrian)

What a successful album release concert!

On 25.1.2020 we presented our debut album to almost 200 rock fans. This was celebrated in the heart of the capital of Berlin, in the Maschinenhaus of the Kulturbrauerei. Right from the beginning the spark jumped across and with great enthusiasm our rock songs and rock ballads were received. We did not only present songs from our new CD, but also brand-new titles, which underline the diversity of our music. For our classic rock song “Hellfire“, we even invited our Cello player up on stage, who enriched our sound spectrum. The sale of the first Rock Twice CDs directly on this evening, was a perfect conclusion of a wonderful concert.

  photos copyright © Alexandra Bohn 2020

Our debut album is now available for listening on all music streaming services. Besides energetic classic rock songs, you can listen to funk-rock and of course two rock ballads. 

And don't forget: : Don‘t think twice! 


Gina, N.K., Joe, Marty & Ulli 

You can now order our album directly as CD or download!
Apart but united in music! 

Rock Twice against Corona!

During Corona times, life comes to a halt. Streets are empty, people staying home... it’s the little things then like a song that you need to cheer you up.

Don’t think twice, enjoy Rock Twice‘ s Evry Evry Song!

Our first live video from ROCK TWICE! Recorded in January 2020 at the Record Release Party at Maschinenhaus in Berlin's Kulturbrauerei. Sugarboy- Classic Rock meets Funk Rock.