Melodic Hard Rock

with a bow to the bands of past eras!

Experienced and well-known musicians from Berlin electrify rock fans with their own hand-made rock songs!

Inspired by the rock music of a long gone era, but probably the most exciting, creative and authentic time. A time when rock music was not just music, but an expression of a way of life, off the top ten charts!

"No matter in which music style each of us has been on the road in the past, one thing connects us all: The true love for Rock Music!"

(Gina Johnson, voc of Rock Twice)

"Many styles of music came and went, but rock music has survived them all, reinventing itself over and over again, rising like a phoenix from the ashes!"

(Ulli Zett, git/voc Rock Twice)

"Somehow we all knew each other from different bands of the Berlin music scene. On a tour with Jennifer Rush, Joe and I then had the idea to have a real blast with our own rock band. But not as the umpteenth cover band in Berlin, but with our own songs and creative musicians."

(N. K. Robin, keyb/voc Rock Twice)

Hardly conceivable at the time, but reality today: Rock music knows no age! The kids are enthusiastic about their fathers' music and they in turn discover the retro rock bands of the youngsters.

ROCK TWICE’s songs reflect the musical influences and roots of all five individual musicians, the result being a melodic hard rock project with well arranged and groovy rock songs.

Don‘t think twice, go  R o c k  T w i c e !


Enjoy the new rock sensation from the capital city

of Germany, Berlin!